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Tubing & Hose

PAW distributes tubing and hose products manufactured from a variety of materials. We carry platinum cured, medical grade silicone as well as new weldable materials made from widely used TPE's. Please review the various product categories below.

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Tubing & Hose

PAW Tubing & Hose Products

Excellent Suppliers : Designed for Single-Use Systems

PAW supplies a growing family of tubing and hose products to the BioProcess industry . PharmaTube® is our platinum cured, medical grade silicone tubing manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. PharmaSil® is our engineered and reinforced hose line from Trelleborg which is intended for high pressure applications that might include SIP/CIP.

In addition to silicone, we offer Flexelene TPE tubing from the Eldon-James Corporation. Our newest tubing product is PawVC™ - a medical grade and bioprocess grade PVC tubing that contains no pthalates (like DEHP) or animal derived materials. It is also gamma stable.

  • ADCF Compliance: All tubing & hose product are certified animal free.
  • Biocompatibility: Complies with all relevant USP tests, such as Class VI.
  • Low Particulate: Cleanroom manufactured.

High Quality & Low Extractables are what define Pharmatube™ - Platinum-Cured Medical Grade Silicone Tubing from Trelleborg
Reinforced Silicone Hose, for demanding high pressure, SIP/CIP and vacuum applications, manufactured by Trelleborg
PawVC™ Tubing
PawVC Tubing
PawVC™ is a unique formulation of PVC specifically designed to meet the critical demands of the BioProcess and Single-Use industry
Flexelene 135C Pump Tubing
Flexelene 135C
Flexelene 135C is the latest technology in extruded TPE tubing. Use in both peristaltic pump and thermal weld applications.
WFI Sampler, 1/4 ID x 7/16 OD silicone, TC Flange, irradiated, 10/pk
WFI Sampler
The WFI Sampler is a convenient pre-sterile & pre-gasketed tubeset intended for taking water samples. Pricing for a case of 10 units:
Regular Price:
The Mini-PAW Claw & BioValve Tubing Clamps
Valves & Clamps for Tubing
The BioValve and Mini-PAW Claw are changing the way flow control is managed in single-use systems.