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Tubing & Hose

PAW distributes tubing and hose products manufactured from a variety of materials. We carry platinum cured, medical grade silicone as well as new weldable materials made from widely used TPE's. Please review the various product categories below.


WFI Sampler, 1/4 ID x 7/16 OD silicone, TC Flange, irradiated, 10/pk

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WFI Samplers : Ultimate Convenience

Pre-gasketed Fittings: Gamma Irradiated

WFI Samplers from PAW BioScience are an easy, convenient solution to the troublesome task of obtaining a perfect fluid sample from a WFI water drop. Each WFI Sampler is double-polypouched for cleanroom use and irradiated. The fittings utilize our SterilEnz-II/AT fitting platform which is pre-gasketed - this means a quick fit to your water system or equipment without further contamination or gasket hassles. Some of the features and benefits are listed below:

  • Class VI Compliant Materials: Made from Platinum cured, medical grade silicone tubing, certificates included.
  • Polypropylene Fitting: Inert & strong material.
  • Silicone Tubing & Gasket: Unlike TPE materials, silicone will not contribute to TOC counts.
  • Gamma-Irradiated: Eliminates additional bio-burden concerns.
  • Animal Free: Certified free from any animal derived components or processes.