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ELEMENT Type 8695 Control Head

ELEMENT Type 8695 Control Head

Similar to the Type 8691 Control head and intended for use on smaller valves that employ a 50mm actuator.

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ELEMENT Type 8695 Control Head
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8695 Control Head

Integrated Mounting : Process Valves

The control head Type 8695 is optimized for integrated mounting on Type 21XX process valves series with smaller actuator sizes, such as the 2103-50 automatic valve with 1/2" inlet connections.

The registration of the valve position is done through a contact-free analog position sensor, which automatically recognises and saves the valve end position through the Teach function when starting up. The integrated pilot valve controls single or double-acting actuators.

The design of the control unit and the actuator is specially designed for the requirements of a hygienic process environment and enables an internal control air channel without external tubings.

Besides the electrical position feedback signal the status of the device is shown directly on the control head itself through coloured LEDs showing a clear visible valve position status.

As an option a fieldbus interface, AS-Interface, can be chosen.

The product listed above comes standard with multipole connectors.

PLEASE NOTE: An adapter kit (p/n 673765) is required for connection to Type 2103 valves. Please order the adapter kit below.

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8695ELEMENT Type 8695 Control Head
Solenoid Pilot: 
Required Adapter Kit: 
Please call for pricing!
673765Adapter kit 8695-961
Please call for pricing!

Technical Specifications



PPS, stainless steel

Control Medium

Dust concentration
Particle density
Pressure condensation point
Oil concentration
neutral gases, air DIN ISO 8573-1
Class 5 (<40μm particle size)
Class 5 (<10mg/m3)
Class 3 (<-20°C)
Class 5 (<25mg/m3)

Electrical Connection


M12, 8-pins or M12, 4-pins (AS-Interface)

Pilot Air Ports

Push-in connector (external 6 mm or 1/4") or threaded ports G1/8

Stroke Range

2 - 28mm

Supply Pressure

Low flow rate 0 - 7 bar
High flow rate 3 - 7 bar