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ELEMENT Type 8694 Basic TopControl  Positioner

ELEMENT Type 8694 Basic TopControl Positioner

The type 8694 is similar to Type 8692 & 8693 control heads except without a digital display and process control features.

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ELEMENT Type 8694 Basic TopControl  Positioner
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8694 Digital Electo-Pneumatic Positioner

Integrated Mounting : Process Control Valves.

A Compact positioner for integrated mounting on pneumatically operated process valves. Remote set-point adjustment via a 4-20 mA signal or through AS-Interface.A contact-free analog position sensor measures the position of the valve spindle.

Simple installation through automatic tune function and setting through DIP-switch:

  • Close tight function
  • Characteristic curves selection
  • Reversal of effective direction
  • Switching manual /automatic operation
  • Binary input

Additional parametrisation options are possible through DTM devices.

A software interface can be used for, amongst others, linearisation of the operation characteristics by using free programmable fixed points. The valve position indication is shown through LED components. As an option an analogue position feedback can be integrated.

The product listed above comes standard with multipole connectors. For inductive switches or cable gland connection, please contact PAW for pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: An adapter kit (p/n 665721) is required for connection to Type 2103 valves. Please order the adapter kit below.

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201711ELEMENT Type 8694 Basic TopControl Positioner
Solenoid Pilot: 
Required Adapter Kit: 
Please call for pricing!
665721Adapter kit 8691-941
Please call for pricing!

Technical Specifications



PPS, stainless steel

Power Supply

24 VDC +/- 10%


10%, no technical direct current!

Setpoint Setting

4 to 20mA and 0 to 5/10V

Output Resistance

180 ohm

Control Medium

Dust concentration
Particle density
Pressure condensation point
Oil concentration
neutral gases, air DIN ISO 8573-1
Class 5 (<40μm particle size)
Class 5 (<10mg/m3)
Class 3 (<-20°C)
Class 5 (<25mg/m3)

Electrical Connection

Cable Gland

M12 (8-pins), stainless steel
1xM16x1.5 (10mm cable), terminal screws (1.5mm)

Pilot Air Ports

Push-in connector (external 6 mm or 1/4") or threaded ports G1/8

Air Input Filter

Exchangeable mesh aperture (~0.1mm)

Stroke Range

3 - 28mm

Position Detection Module

Contact free, wear free

Supply Pressure

Low flow rate 0 - 7 bar
High flow rate 3 - 7 bar