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SterilEnz® Samplers

SterilEnz® Samplers

SterilEnz® Samplers provide an ideal hermetic closure to protect the critical surface of your fluid sampling fitting (i.e. luer, or injection site surface). Single-use systems built with SterilEnz® Samplers will provide an aseptic environment for the sample site until the overwrap pouch is removed. This feature greatly increases the reliability of all product samples.

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SterilEnz® Samplers
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Animal Content No Animal Derived Materials
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Sample Sites Designed for Single-Use Applications

"3-in-1" Design: Male Luer, Female Luer & Injection Site

SterilEnz® Samplers were designed to solve the problem involving contamination of the critical access point on single-use products. Our Samplers are widely used on Single-Use Bioreactor Bags and a variety of other sampling systems. SterilEnz® Samplers are made using our Anti-Slip Luer Boot. The boot maintains the integrity of all the luer connections, yet is easy to remove if required.

  • Class VI Compliant Materials: Certificates included.
  • Anti-Slip Luer Boot: Maintains the integrity of all the parts in the luer assembly.
  • Mono-Barb Design: Won't leak or blow-off like stepped barbs can.
  • Tamper Evident: Removal of SterilEnz® pouch provides evidence of access.
  • Gamma-Stable: For use in irradiated disposable systems.

Protected by U.S. Patent # 6,893,428
SterilEnz® is a registered trademark of PAW BioScience Products, LLC.
 Part NumberDescriptionQty/PackDrawing/
CH-2ML-PCIJ-3X41/8" HB x Male & Female Luer w/ Injection Site, 200/pk200
Please call for pricing!
CH-2ML-PCSS-3X41/8" HB x Male & Female Luer w/ SmartSite, 200/pk200
Please call for pricing!
CH-2ML-PCXX-3X41/8" ID Tubing x Male & Female Luer, polycarb coupler, 200/pk200
Please call for pricing!
CH-2ML-PPXX-3X41/8" ID Tubing x Male & Female Luer, polypro coupler, 200/pk200
Please call for pricing!

SterilEnz® Samplers - Technical Specifications (conducted on finished goods, post gamma)

USP <88>: Class VI Biological reactivity tests, in vivo
USP <87>: Cytotoxicity, MEM Elution, in vitro
USP <661>: Physicochemical Test for Plastics
All SterilEnz® Samplers are assembled inside a certified ISO 5 (Class 100) environment

Sterilization Methods

Gamma irradiation Up to 50 kGy

General Operating Specifications

Part Number Hose Barb Style Max Operating
Max Operating
CH-2ML-PCIJ-3X4 1/8" Needle not rated -20C to 50C
CH-2ML-PCSS-3X4 1/8" SmartSite® not rated -20C to 50C
CH-2ML-PCXX-3X4 1/8" Polycarbonate Female Luer not rated -20C to 50C
CH-2ML-PPXX-3X4 1/8" Polypropylene Female Luer not rated -20C to 50C