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Fluid Sampling Solutions

Fluid Sampling Solutions

PAW BioScience offers a range of single-use fluid sampling solutions. Many of which are standard items that can be order directly from our warehouse.


SI Sample Syringe™, 20mL, C-Flex, 3-Way Valve, 10/pk

Item code: SI-CF-3WCV-G-20ML
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The SI Sample Syringe

Sterile Sampling Syringes for BioProcess Applications

Ideal for: Inline sampling for a variety of applications, such as bioreactor, media and buffer bags

The Si Syringe solves the problem inherent with ordinary syringes when used for fluid sampling. Specifically, the inside of the syringe barrel is exposed to non-sterile conditions when used outside of a sterile field, e.g. laminar flow hood or other aseptic area. The SI Sample Syringe cleverly allows the user to generate a vacuum in the syringe prior to removal from the sterile packaging. In this way, the plunger is not pulled across a non-sterile surface and contaminated. Fluid is easily transitioned into the syringe by actuating the three-way valve and employing vacuum force - much in the same way fluid is motivated to enter a syringe when used in a traditional manner.

The SI Syringe further provides a convenient means for flushing the line prior to sampling. Flushing is important because the line being sampled may have residual fluid left in it from an earlier sample. Additionally, it may be desirous to bleed/minimize air in the sample line. Bleeding and/or flushing is achieved by attaching a syringe to the third port on the three-way valve. This port has an inline check valve which is positioned such that liquid can be pulled through inlet tubing, then through the three-way valve and check valve. The check valve prevents any back-flow liquid from re-entering and contaminating the SI Syringe system.

SI Syringes can be used in any application where critical fluid sampling is required:

  • BioProcess Containers & Single-Use Products
  • High Purity Water & Process Systems
  • Sterile Filtration & Final Filling
  • Protein Purification & Buffer/Media Prep
  • Diagnostic Reagents

SI Sample Syringe Part Numbers & Specifications:

Part Number



SI Sample Syringe, 20mL, with 3-Way valve and check valve, C-Flex inlet







3-Way Valve:


Check Valve: