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Genesis Tube Sealers

These tubing sealers provide rapid and highly integral seals. Available in both AC & battery powered systems. Use with Tygon® tubing (or equivalent) only.

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Genesis Tube Sealers
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Availability 2 - 4 Weeks
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Genesis Tube Sealers

SE340 & SE640 : Bench-Top & Portable, Battery Operated

Genesis Tubing Sealers provide rapid and highly integral tubing seals using lightweight and portable equipment. When the trigger lever is pulled, the Genesis device initiates strong high-frequency energy which instantly melts the thermoplastic Tygon® tubing. The sealing cycle is only about 2 seconds long and can be performed on dry as well as fluid filled tubing.

The seal is designed for easy separation. After the sealing cycle has completed, the tubing can be aseptically parted by pulling on tube itself. No other tools are required and sterility of each side is completely maintained.

  • Highly integral seals
  • Easy to disconnect
  • Seals dry or liquid filled tubing
  • Widely used in blood banking applications
  • Battery powered unit provide portability in areas without AC power.

Select : Battery or AC powered

Depending on your requirements, you can select an AC powered or a battery powered system. The AC powered Model SE340 is equipped with two sealing heads. One is a fixed head mounted on the base, while the other is a tethered hand-held unit. The battery powered Model SE640 comes with a tethered head only, it does not have a fixed head.

 Part NumberDescriptionQty/PackDrawing/
428-SE640Genesis Tube Sealer - SE640, Portable, Battery Operated1
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428-SE340Genesis Tube Sealer - SE340, Bench-Top, Fixed Sealing Head and Hand-Held Sealing Unit1
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