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SaniSure CLAMP's

SaniSure CLAMP's

Sanisure CLAMP's are a new style of sanitary clamping mechanism. They are a cost effective alternative to traditional style clamps.

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SaniSure CLAMP's
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SaniSure CLAMP's®: High Quality Plastic Sanitary Clamps

Nylon Construction: Rugged & Economical

SaniSure CLAMP's work by providing a validatable compression force on tri-clamp fittings. The result is a repeatable clamping force across the entire fitting surface that is independent of which operator installs the clamp. SaniSure clamps work equally well on disposable and BPE stainless tri-clamp fittings in any combination. Use these clamps on Bioreactors, single-use systems, filter housings and capsules, basically all bioprocess applications. Other benefits include:

  • Class VI Approved: Molded from USP Class IV compliant plastic
  • Less Stressful: Plastic Clamps dissipate heat & reduce the distortion on polymeric flanges
  • Resuable: Durable enough to be used repeatedly, economic enough for single-use disposal
  • Sterilizable: SaniSure Clamps can be autoclaved, up to 134C, 60 mins.
  • Gamma-Stable: For use in irradiated disposable systems. SaniCure Clamps can be irradiated from 25-40kGy
  • Lightweight: Can be used around delicate equipment with less chance of damage
  • Tamper Evident : Provides added security and guards against accidental release during shipping or use

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 Part NumberDescriptionQty/PackDrawing/
SS-NYB-MINISaniSure Clamp, Mini Tri-Clamp, 10/pk10
Please call for pricing!
SS-NYB-150SaniSure Clamp, 1-1/2" Tri-Clamp, 10/pk10
Please call for pricing!

SaniSure CLAMP - Technical Specifications

Available Sizes 3/4" and 1-1/2" Tri-Clamp (2" & 3" coming soon)
Material Nylon 6/6
Gamma Irradiate 25 - 50 kGy
Autoclave 134C up to 60 minutes
Recommended working temperatures -40C to 125C (intermittant)
Technology Patents Patent Pending Design

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