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RoboValve Multi-Way / Multi-Port Valves

RoboValve Multi-Way / Multi-Port Valves

Robovalves are widely used in chromatography and biopharm process systems. They advance the idea of a "purpose-built valve body" meaning one intended for a specific application - such as "bypass" or "forward & reverse flow". The result is an extraordinary compact valve system, less piping and fewer welds with minimal hold-up volume.

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Valve Bodies for Specific Applications

Robovalve products provide the exact type of hygienic service and efficiency required by purification applications in bioprocess separations. In this section of our website, you will find information on the valve products and applications served by this widely used and innovative technology. Designing your process with RoboValves will improve your performance in down-stream processes, such as filtration or chromatography and in many other situations where you are handling valuable products. RoboValve products are offered in multiple sizes with either manual or pneumatic actuators, TC or butt-weld connections, and a variety of diaphragm materials. Robolux also offers plastic valve bodies made from polypropylene or Kynar, for up to 1" pipe diameters. Typical applications include.

  • Chromatography Valves: Forward, Reverse & ByPass Flow.
  • MicroFiltration: Forward & ByPass Flow for SIP.
  • Hollow Fiber : Forward & Reverse Flow.
  • Fraction Collection : Zero deadleg valve clusters.
  • Tank Collection : Easily build manifolds with no piping.
  • Sterile Connection: Create a zero dead-leg steam through connection.

Robovalve Technology
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