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Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers

The Tandem Family of Gas Analysers offers you sophisticated CO2 and O2 gas measurement at a similar price to your other standard probes and sensors. Formerly the reserve of expensive equipment, you can now afford dedicated, individual, on-line monitoring and control of your fermentation processes. You gain the reliability and the flexibility required in your facility.


Tandem Multiplex Gas Analyzer

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The Tandem Mulitplex system is an economical choice for laboratory, pilot or production areas that have in excess of six fermentors or more. The multiplexed models have a local display, calibration functions, error reporting and selectable line control with an RS232 output for integration to control systems.

The Tandem Mulitplex is incredible value and offers you all these benefits:

  • Greater understanding of your cells and processes
  • Physiological state measurement on-line
  • Scale-up and scale-down predictions
  • Batch variation studies: feature analysis
  • Metabolic flux analysis and mass-balance calculations

Increase the reliability and repeatability of your processes

  • Accurate fed-batch control
  • Repeatable event decisions: induction, infection, harvesting etc.
  • Batch variation studies: anomaly analysis

Automate your processes

  • Metabolic activity based feeding
  • Repeatable event decisions: induction, infection, harvesting etc.

Dedicated, continuous, standard signals for all your reactors

  • On-line information, allows real-time calculation of RQ, CER, OUR, growth rate, KLa etc.
  • 0-10V or 4-20mA, with RS232 on PRO & Multiplex
  • Integrates to any reactor size (250ml – 100m3)

General Operating Specifications

Feature CO2 O2
Measurement Principle Infrared Absorption Electrochemical


Resolution 0.01% 0.01%
Accuracy +-2% of full scale +-2% of full scale
Drift <0.05% / month full scale <0.05% / month full scale
Operating Temperature 0 - 45°C 0 - 45°C
Temp. Compensation Included 0.02%/°C
T90 Response Rate <50 secs <10 secs
RS232 signal lead for PRO and Multiplexed Tandem Units.
Availability: 2 - 4 weeks
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Multiplexed Tandem Replacement Oxygen Sensor
A replacement carbon dioxide sensor, the range of sensor is required with order.
Availability: 2 - 5 days
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