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Flexelene 135C 1/32" ID x 3/32" OD - 50' Length


Flexelene 135C 1/32" ID x 3/32" OD - 50' Length

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Flexelene™ 135C Bioprocess Pump Tubing

Excellent For: Welding, Pump Applications, Singe-Use Systems, Gamma Stable

When you purchase Flexelene 135C Bioprocess Pump tubing, you know you are getting the latest tecnology in extruded TPE tubing. Flexelene 135C tubing is both gamma stable and autoclaveable. The product exhibits very low extractables and does not contain phthalates or halogens.

The tubing can be thermally welded and exhibits long life in peristaltic pump applications. Flexelene meets the requirements of the following standardized biocompatibility tests :

  • USP Class VI
  • ISO 10993-4 : Non-hemolytic
  • ISO 10993-5 : Non-cytotoxic

Flexelene tubing also provides the following benefits:

  • Low protein binding - will not absorb your product
  • Free of animal derivatives - Compliant with standards to prevent transmission of TSE/BSE
  • Low gas permeability - Helps to maintain the quality of your product
  • Long pump life - Flexelene can be used confidently in peristaltic pump applications.
  • Withstands multiple autoclave cycles - Can be resterilized and reused.