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Fluid Sampling Solutions

Fluid Sampling Solutions

PAW BioScience offers a range of single-use fluid sampling solutions. Many of which are standard items that can be order directly from our warehouse.

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Fluid Sampling Solutions

Fluid Sampling Solutions

Broad Selection : Standard & Custom Solutions

PAW BioScience manufacturers a variety of single-use systems that can be implemented for use in a wide range of fluid sampling applications. The items listed in the links below will direct you to various PAW products for fluid sampling.

Although this product page is devoted to standard items - which are generally in stock and available -should your application require a customized solution, please contact us to begin discussion of your customized assembly.

Typical Applications for PAW Fluid Sampling Products:
  • Transfer or sampling of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system
  • Gas exchange transfer
  • Storage of biopharmaceutical products and reagents
  • Use with bench top, pilot plant, and production bioreactors
  • Use with sterile connecting devices and thermal or RF tubing sealers

Aseptically Connect : Aseptically Disconnect

Most of our sampling systems can be aseptically connected to your bioreactor or other device using standard tubing welders, such as the Terumo SCD-IIB. Sample Tubes can also be aseptically sealed and removed (wet or dry) using tubing sealers such as the Genesis SE340 the or handheld battery powered version SE640.

SI Sample Syringe™, 20mL, C-Flex, 3-Way Valve, 10/pk
SI Syringe
Obtain sterile fluid samples using a unique patent pending vacuum charge feature. 20mL Syringe, flush line and 3-way valve
Please call for pricing!
OmniTop Sample Tubes®
OmniTop Sample Tubes®
OmniTop Sample Tubes® are a convenient device that can be used to obtain fluid samples. In 15 and 50mL volumes
BioSimplex Bottle Manifold System, (4) 125ml Bottles, 500ml purge bottle, 1/pk
Bio-Simplex™ Bottle Manifold, 4x125ml Bottles
In Stock! Order one unit or save by the case
WFI Sampler, 1/4 ID x 7/16 OD silicone, TC Flange, irradiated, 10/pk
WFI Sampler
The WFI Sampler is a convenient pre-sterile & pre-gasketed tubeset intended for taking water samples. Pricing for a case of 10 units:

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