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Selecting the best ELEMENT controller...

Selecting the best ELEMENT controller...

The tables below provide an overview of the various attributes for each ELEMENT TopControl unit. Selecting the proper control unit is a critical decision in designing any automated valve system.

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ELEMENT Controller Selection Considerations

By reviewing the features of each ELEMENT unit in the table below, the proper device can be easily identiifed based on the parameters desired. When selecting a unit, please keep in mind not only the functionality required for the current application, but also performance features that might be needed in the future. Table 1. illustrates the three ELEMENT controllers intended for on/off control & position indication (open/close). Table 2. provides an overview for the four ELEMENT controllers that provide valve positioning and, in the case of the Type 8693, PID process control. Use the tables below to select the most appropriate ELEMENT controller.

These are general recommendations, PAW BioScience & Burkert do not assume any liability whatsoever arriving from the use or mis-use of ELEMENT products. The user assumes all risks and responsibility.

Table 1. On/Off & Position Indication







On/Off Control On/Off Control On/Off Control

Position Switches

Mechanical or Inductive Inductive Inductive

Pilot Valve

Yes Yes Yes

LED Indication

None Ultra Bright LED's LED Indicators


None Fieldbus Choices AS-i Bus

Special Size

Standard Standard 50mm Actuator

Table 2. Valve Positioning & Process Control







Type 8692 Image

Type 8693 Image

Type 8694 Image

Type 8696 Image

Valve Positioner

Yes Yes Yes Yes


Analog Analog Analog Analog

PID Controller

No Yes No No


Digital Digital LED Indicators LED Indicators


Fieldbus Choices Fieldbus Choices AS-i Bus No

Special Size

Standard Standard Standard 50mm Actuator
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