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Spinner Flask Replacement Parts

Spinner Flask Replacement Parts

Easily locate all replacement parts for our various Spinner Flasks. Call PAW directly for items you can't find.

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Spinner Flask Replacement Parts

Glass Spinner Flasks: Replacement Parts

Glass & PTFE : Flat & Dimpled Bottoms

ChemGlass is a major manufacturer of Spinner Flask and accessories for laboratory and process cell culture. The design of the flask bottom has been optimized to promote exceptional growth of suspension and microcarrier cultures. Indented, or dimpled, bottoms can prevent accumulation of microcarrier beads under the impeller paddle (note, 3 liter & larger versions are not available with dimpled bottoms). A complete system includes a flask with two angled sidearms and a PTFE paddle. Some models come with an adjustable glass shaft that allows the user to dial in the impeller height through the compression fitting in the cap. Some of the excellent features of ChemGlass Spinner Flasks are listed below:

  • Glass Construction : High Purity & Proven Performance
  • Magnetically Driven : Reliable Operation
  • Versatile Design : Adjustable Impeller Heights
  • PTFE Impellers : Heat Stable & Inert

Contact PAW BioScience for all your laboratory cell culture equipment needs and check back here frequently as we expand the product offering with more high quality ChemGlass equipment!

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