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Anti-Slip Luer Boot: 0.75" L, USP Class VI Silicone, ADCF, 100/pk


Anti-Slip Luer Boot: 0.75" L, USP Class VI Silicone, ADCF, 100/pk

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Designed Specifically to Prevent Luers From Slipping

Anti-Slip Luer Boots: Platinum Cured Silicone

The new SterilEnz® Anti-Slip Luer Boot was developed to better secure male/female luer type connections and prevent them from accidentally unthreading. This patent pending technology gives you the confidence that your luer connections will remain intact and secure throughout your process. Anti-Slip Boots provide an additional level of sterility assurance for critical connections.

    Each Anti-Slip boot contains internal ridges to match the external surface profile of a luer fitting. When installed, the Anti-Slip boot uses the matching surface geometry to align and mutually bind the luers together. Unscrewing the luers manually is still possible, of course, but the boot helps prevent random release by providing additional forces which resist casual separation. The "grippy" exterior surface ridges make handling the luer connectors easier than ever!

    Some of the features and benefits are listed below:

    • Class VI Compliant Materials: Certificates included.
    • Easy to install: Use - requires no tools
    • Autoclave and gamma compatible