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Quality Certificates

Quality Certificates

If you require a certificate, please search for it using our automated certificate service:

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Quality Certificate Searchable Database

Obtain copies of your certificates using our on-line tool.

If you require an additional copy of a Certificate of Conformance please use the search fields below to locate the certificate in our database. PAW scans and maintains certificates for nearly all products we ship. Older certifcates (prior to May 2014) may not be in the database. The database can be searched using one, two or three of the search criteria fields. This means you can enter any combination of paramters.

  • Single cert search criteria : Locate a single specific certificate using all three fields (part#, lot #, and po#).

  • Multiple cert search criteria : Locate multiple certificates by typing in your purchase order number. All certificates associated with your order will appear in the results window.

  • Gamma Irradiation cert search criteria : Locate gamma irradiation cert by typing in "Gamma" in the part number section and then typing your Gamma ID in the lot number section.

If you can't locate a certificate, or if your certificate was issued prior to May 2014, please contact customer service directly. Make sure you supply the part number, lot number and PO number for your request.