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20L Carboy Systems

Bio-Simplex Carboy Closures Systems are an ideal fluid containment systems for single-use processes. They feature an EZ Top closure made from C-Flex pharmaceutical grade resin and tubing. Standard Bio-Simplex Carboys are available in 5, 10, & 20 liter sizes.

20L Carboy Systems
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Sold by Pack of 10 units
Availability 3 - 4 Weeks A.R.O.
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Animal Content No Animal Derived Materials
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Bio-Simplex : Carboy Closure System

EZ Top® Closure Assembly : Flex-Joint™

The Bio-Simplex Carboy Closure System features an EZ Top® Closure Assembly & Flex-Joint™ made from C-Flex® pharmaceutical grade resin and tubing. Each bottle system features:

  • Clean, unobstructed fluid path
  • Extremely low levels of extractables
  • Secure elastomeric seal against plastic, glass and metal surfaces.
  • Pre-assembled and ready-to-use with 0.22um filter and dip-tube.

The EZ Top Assembly includes C-Flex tubing with standard plug end fittings, a Bio-Simplex Flex Joint, 0.2 micron vent filter and cap. Economically designed for single use, the system eliminates cleaning and contamination from repeated use. It is easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers. We offer standard 2 and 3 port configurations to fit a wide variety of carboys in sizes from 5 to 20 Liters. Available as a complete packaged Bio-Simplex Carboy Closure System (EZ Top Assembly, carboy and cap), either gamma irradiated or non-irradiated; or as individually packaged EZ Top Closure Assemblies.

Custom designs, materials, sizes, packaging and other options such as quick disconnect devices, Luer connections, heat-sealed ends or alternate carboy materials are available on request.

 Part NumberDescriptionQty/PackDrawing/
CB20L-220L Bio-Simplex™ Carboy System, 2Port10
Please call for pricing!
CB20L-2R20L Bio-Simplex™ Carboy System, 2Port, Irradiated10
Please call for pricing!
CB20L-320L Bio-Simplex™ Carboy System, 3Port10
Please call for pricing!
CB20L-3R20L Bio-Simplex™ Carboy System, 3Port, Irradiated10
Please call for pricing!

Technical Specifications



C-Flex, pharmaceutical grade elastomer
polypropylene, 83B
polypropylene (autoclaveable, gamma stable)

C-Flex Biocompatability Data

Complies with USP 24/NF19, Class VI, FDA and USDA standards 
Manufactured under strict GMPs 
Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, non-hemolytic 
Available in animal derived component free (ADCF), clear and opaque formulations