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BioValve, For tubing 5/8" ID - 1" ID, nylon body, 5/pk


BioValve, For tubing 5/8" ID - 1" ID, nylon body, 5/pk

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High Quality Clamps for Tubing & Hose:

Rugged Construction: Autoclave & Irradiate

The BioValve & Mini-PAW Claw are intended to provide complete shut-off of fluid flow for tubing and hose. They can also be used to partially occlude a flow pathway; for example, to increase back-pressure on a device.

The Mini-PAW Claw is very easy to install and can withstand a high number of autoclave cycles. The BioValve has superior throttling control and is more reliable in centering the tubing or hose in the clamp jaw. Centering is important to insure reproduceable performance each time. The table below can help you decide which clamp is best suited for your application.

Each clamp works on a range of tube or hose sizes, provided the wall thickness is consistent. They function even in applications of high-pressures - in most cases, you will be limited by the pressure rating of the tubing or hose itself.

Tubing Clamp Selector


Tubing ID

Clamp Material

TC-PES 1/8"-1/2" PES
BV-0500 1/8"-1/2" Nylon
BV-1000 5/8"-1" Nylon