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Burkert TC Clamp Ball Valves

Burkert TC Clamp Ball Valves

This Burkert ball valve design is an industry proven three piece investment cast body with PTFE/FKM sealing. It finds wide use in fluid media while offering higher cycle life and reduced torque. The self-adjusting packing gland is a dual sealing type with an alignment collar for superior tightness.

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Burkert TC Clamp Ball Valves
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Sold by Pack of 1 units
Availability 2 - 4 Weeks A.R.O.
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Ball Valves : TC Clamp Connections

Automation Ready: Easy to Integrate

The Type 2654 is automation ready with an ISO 5211 mounting pad for direct coupling of the actuator. A full range of actuators, pilots, digital positioners, feedback switches and bus network options are available for integration into plant control systems.

For maintenance, this design allows removal of all seals with just four bolts. The semi lugged body provides for easy re-assembly, without the debris pockets of enclosed bolt designs. The ball is full port style, presenting a CV and pressure drop similar to an open line, without restriction to high flow CIP or entrained solids.

  • 1000/800/600 PSI WOG
  • US Clamp and US Tube Weld End
  • Full port to US OD Tube
  • Semi lugged body
  • Range of seal and cavity filler options
  • Blow-out proof stem with self adjust packing
  • ISO 5211 direct actuator mount

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