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Switches, Positioners & Controllers

Switches, Positioners & Controllers

ELEMENT switches, positioners & controllers are designed for direct mounting on hygienic process valves with "clean features" such as FDA compliant materials, smooth surfaces and external seals.


ELEMENT Type 8693 TopControl Process Controller

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Process Controller for the integrated mounting on process control valves

The compact Process Controller Type 8693 is optimised for integrated mounting on the pneumatic actuators in the process valve series Type 23XX/2103 and is specially designed for the requirements of a hygienic process environment. The actual value of the process factor is directly supplied to the device as 4-20 mA, PT100 or a frequency signal. The process controller calculates the setpoint for the subordinated positioner through the variance comparison. Due to the analogue feedback all analogue values on the controlling level can be transferred. The parameterization of process controller and positioner can be carried out automatically. The easy handling and the selection of additional software functions are done either on a big graphic display with backlight and keypad or over a PC interface. The Positioner registers the valve position without deterioration through a contact-free, analog position sensor. The control of single or double-acting actuators is done without internal air consumption. Communication interfaces such as Profi bus DPV1 or DeviceNet and analogue as well as binary feedback can also be chosen.

The product listed above comes standard with multipole connectors. For inductive switches or cable gland connection, please contact PAW for pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: An adapter kit (p/n 665721) is required for connection to Type 2103 valves. Please order the adapter kit under the accessory tab.

Technical Specifications



PPS, stainless steel

Power Supply

24 VDC +/- 10%


10%, no technical direct current!

Setpoint Setting

0/4 to 20mA and 0 to 5/10V

Output Resistance

4 to 20mA: 180 ohm
0 to 5/10V: 19k ohm
PT100: -20 to 220C (resolution <0.1C)

Control Medium

Dust concentration
Particle density
Pressure condensation point
Oil concentration
neutral gases, air DIN ISO 8573-1
Class 5 (<40μm particle size)
Class 5 (<10mg/m3)
Class 3 (<-20°C)
Class 5 (<25mg/m3)

Electrical Connection

Cable Gland

M12, 8-pins or 4 pins
2xM16x1.5 (10mm cable), terminal screws (1.5mm)

Pilot Air Ports

Push-in connector (external 6 mm or 1/4") or threaded ports G1/8

Air Input Filter

Exchangeable mesh aperture (~0.1mm)

Stroke Range

3 - 28mm

Position Detection Module

Contact free, wear free

Supply Pressure

Low flow rate 0 - 7 bar
High flow rate 3 - 7 bar