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DigiVac Model 201

DigiVac Model 201

Vacuum gauge and a regulator in one easy to use versatile tool.

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DigiVac Model 201
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The DIGIVAC Model 201 series is a highly configurable digital vacuum control instrument capable of driving and combining multiple sensors. This device can save space, money and complexity by combining many tasks into one device while enabling the user to have any level of accuracy desired for different ranges. The M201 gauge accepts different inputs based on driver board and sensor election, and can have different outputs including an analog recorder, RS232, Ethernet, SPDT relays and VLC. The M201 is configured with sensors based on the accuracy and range required to sense vacuum and displays the pressure reading in units of Torr, mbar or kilopascal. The DIGIVAC Model 201 can either be panel mounted or sit on a bench top, and can use thermocouple, capacitance manometer, PCG750, CDG500, or PVG500 sensors.

The 201 is intuitive to use, requires a very simple setup which makes it easy to control a process or perform precision experimentation.

Each DIGIVAC vacuum gauge includes:

  • A vacuum gauge controller
  • A cable to connect the vacuum gauge controller to the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube
  • An AC adapter that runs on 100-230VAC, 50/60 Hz with line cord adapter
  • Pre-tested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard

NOTE: Details regarding the Expansion Boards can be found under the Specifications Tab.

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DIGI-M201Model 201
Expansion Board 1: 
Expansion Board 2: 
Expansion Board 3: 
Expansion Board 4: 
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Technical Specifications

Range .001-760
Units: Torr, mBar or kPa
Vac Interface: 1/8 inch MNPT or KF/NW
Sensor: Varian 531
Sensor cable length: 10 feet
Display: .38 inch high 6 Digit Red LED
Dimensions: 1.5" high, 4.25" wide, 5.5" deep
Analog output: (if applicable): 0-5 VDC
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz CE rated
Controls: 7 Amp, 250 Volt (If Applicable)

Expansion Board Options (Max 4):

Board Type Max Description
2C 1 The ability to control an external device via 2 SPDT external connections at user specified setpoints
5V5T 1 Provides a voltage output proportional to vacuum reading which ranges from 0-5 volts at 1mV per mTorr (1 micron = 1mV, 5 Torr = 5 Volts)
NISTCal 1 Calibration of a DIGIVAC vacuum gauge against a NIST traceable standard with data
VLC 1 Controls vacuum level through a bleed valve in the range of 30 milliTorr to 10 Torr